Dollar Store Sensory Bottles

Today I thought I would make sensory bottles, considering my sensory bag leaked (probably because I got 99 cent ziplocks from the dollar store). So I ventured to Dollarama, the Canadian version of Dollartree. There I spent a total of $16.25. Here is the list of things I bought;

  • Set of 4 plastic bottles x2 ($6)
  • Small multicoloured building blocks ($2.50)
  • Decorative gems ($2)
  • Glitter glue x2 ($2.50)
  • Purple sparkly gravel ($2)
  • Multicoloured sand ($1.25)


I had leftover water beads from a previous project so I decided to throw those in there.


This is what I came up with. From left to right;

  1. Water beads in the plastic bottle (creative, I know)
  2. Decorative gems, they make a cool nice and are very shiny
  3. Glitter glue in water. This one was cool, the glitter glue sticks in little bits that float around.
  4. Decorative sand, now this one was disappointing. I thought there would be a lot more sand in that kit. But it still looks pretty and makes a nice sound
  5. Purple sparkly gravel, this one sounds like rain and is very nice to look at
  6. Multicoloured toy blocks. These ones are really neat to look at. They also make a noise thats different from the others
  7. Another bottle of water beads.

This whole project took me under 10 minutes to make. If I include the trip to the dollar store, then it took me around 30 minutes. I’d say its a success, but I should probably test it out. I’m planning to bring a few to a 9 month old I babysit. I’ve heard a lot of good things about sensory bottles, so hopefully mine will be just as well received!


3 thoughts on “Dollar Store Sensory Bottles

  1. Hi! Just found you from a search with tag “OT.” Will follow! I think your idea is great, and commend you for that after-hours work! I want to invite you to join a new forum blog, OT Interactions. It is for OTs and families too, will be blogging, re-blogging and having guest authors. See you around, thanks again!

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    • Hi Joan! Thanks so much for the comment. Thanks for the recommendation to join OT Interactions. It is much appreciated. I noticed that you are inviting guest authors, and I was wondering if you would be open to a guest post from me? I look forward to hearing from you.

      I’ve noticed that your site is just starting and you are looking for content. Here are some ideas that I have for a post;
      – a blog post about an aspiring OT
      – a post explaining the unique high school I attend and how that allows me to explore the OT path that I wouldn’t be able to do in a traditional school setting
      – DIY scooter board
      – a post explaining why all schools should have a OT

      Or is there a post that I can write for you that you may need?

      Thanks again, and I look forward to connecting with you soon


      • These all sound like great ideas! I would be happy to have you write and share on OT Interactions. There isn’t any source of revenue for it; I write for free just to spread awareness and positivity. If it is okay with you that there is no monetary compensation, go for it! Email me at for the first one, and later I can set you up as an author on the site. Thanks again, and have a great day…


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