Anxiety and OT

I went to an occupational therapist for anxiety. I went twice a week for 8 weeks, then went down to once every two weeks. I don’t think many people associate OT and anxiety, but it works. I’m going to explain my experiences with occupational therapy.

The first thing I did was go through an assessment process. My OT read me a “quiz” that helped her get a better understanding of how I lived, my cognitive and motor skills, how I handle social situations, etc. She then read it over and wrote out her understanding of me.

From there, I had sessions of being in the sensory gym and using the equipment. In the gym there were many things to do. My favourite was the hammock, it gave me a break from all the anxiety producing activities. My OT and I would go through different scents that I liked, fidgets that helped me focus on something other than my anxiety, and use the equipment to help me relax. One of the most helpful things in the sensory gym was when my OT turned off the lights, put a star projector on, and let me relax and “turn off” from the world. These little breaks from everything really helped me with self regulation.

My OT and I would work through strategies and figure out what helped. Such as exercises, breathing, and distractions. These strategies were aimed at going out into social situations and how to handle anxiety popping up.

Overall, going to an OT for anxiety was a very good decision, and I wish more people thought go that as an option.

Thanks for listening!

Calm Down Box (under $25)

I’ve seen calm down boxes all over Pinterest, so what makes this one so special? well, its under $25 and took about 10 minutes to get the supplies and put it together!

A calm down box is a great way to help calm a child, with activities and comfort items. It is a safe way for a child to calm themselves and feel in control. Calm down boxes work for all ages, and are an excellent way to direct a child’s energy into something safe and distracting.

I went to the closest dollar store, which happened to be under 5 minutes away. I started off by finding a box. The box I found looks a lot like a 80s arcade, or maybe outdated bus seats. But it works.


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