Calm Down Box (under $25)

I’ve seen calm down boxes all over Pinterest, so what makes this one so special? well, its under $25 and took about 10 minutes to get the supplies and put it together!

A calm down box is a great way to help calm a child, with activities and comfort items. It is a safe way for a child to calm themselves and feel in control. Calm down boxes work for all ages, and are an excellent way to direct a child’s energy into something safe and distracting.

I went to the closest dollar store, which happened to be under 5 minutes away. I started off by finding a box. The box I found looks a lot like a 80s arcade, or maybe outdated bus seats. But it works.


IMG_5455 2

I then went around the store keeping in mind what main things I need to find.

something soft, something to distract, something to calm, and something fun. I think I accomplished that.

IMG_5457IMG_5456IMG_5458IMG_5459IMG_5460IMG_5461IMG_5462So after I had collected all of the supplies, my total was $24.39, cutting it a little close. I thought about buying wrapping paper to cover the bus seat patterned box, but that was not needed. This whole project was extremely easy and will definitely serve its purpose, if you’re thinking about making one, hit up the dollar store!

One thought on “Calm Down Box (under $25)

  1. Great collection and even greater price! Thank you for the suggestions! I am a fan of the 99 Cents Only store and highly recommend it for sensory play materials.


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