Frog Sensory Bag


First off, what is a sensory bag? a sensory bag is mainly used for children under the age of 2. It is a mess free way to experience different sensory objects. This one is a “frog and water” bag. The “water” is hair gel.

As I was scrolling through Pinterest, I came across sensory bags. I currently babysit two girls under one years old. I thought a sensory bag would be perfect for a baby. Still giving the child a chance to explore, but in a safer way. I found all the materials at the dollar store; duct tape, (knock off) ziplock, toy frogs, and blue shower gel. I was originally looking for hair gel, but they only had clear. I think it still worked out well. I am babysitting a nine month old on Friday, so I will bring it to her and see how she reacts. I’ll keep you updated!


It leaked, all over my bag. I’ve since put it in a stronger ziplock. It was probably not the best choice to buy 99 cent ziplocks from a dollar store. I’m going to remake it and hopefully It will turn out better then this one!


The bag was well received, a fun experience for the one year old and a easy way for me to get a break. She was very interested for a solid 10 minutes.


My First Attempt: Rainbow Bubbles

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My first attempt at sensory play was sort of a fail and win at the same time. I originally thought that I would just stir bubbles in cups until I made enough. That proved not to work and I could only fill a small baggy with the bubbles I managed to make. I instead used a sink hose to make a lot of bubbles in a tub, then added food colouring. This was a lot easier and made a lot more bubbles. It gave us all a break from math and other school work which was much appreciated.

The First Post

I first learned about occupational therapy as a young teenager, needing some help managing stress and other issues. My first appointment was the highlight of my week; there were crash pads, hammocks, fidgets, etc. I didn’t think playing games and using toys would help me… But it did.

I learned techniques, I had fun, and I managed a lot better in my day to day life. I only recently thought of occupational therapy as a career choice for myself. I originally was thinking of becoming a registered psychologist, only to find out it takes at least 13 years of schooling. I don’t want to be in my 30s just starting a career. So I searched the web looking for jobs that help kids. I came across occupational therapy, and remembered that I was personally helped by it.

Although I have a full on plan for school and a career, I am still in high school. It’s probably the coolest school in all of Canada. We focus on inquiries. I’m experimenting with sensory play to build this website to develop my research. This being my official first post, I’m still getting the hang of this. Bare with me, I’ll get better as the days pass.