Why My Alternative High School is the Best

In 2012 I enrolled at PSII, an alternative way-of-learning school. It has given me opportunities to explore my passions, including Occupational Therapy. I’ve been able to meet with an occupational therapist every two weeks to discuss what I am working on. I have also been given the opportunity to create different sensory items, which is how I spend a lot of day. I love being able to structure my day around what I am passionate about. I have almost finished all my courses (4 months early!) so my big focus is now on this blog and everything to do with occupational therapy! I’ll give you a run down on how my school day goes;

9:30 – school starts, but I’m always early. On Tuesday’s I have math at this time

9:30-11:30 – This varies from writing blog posts, researching, doing sensory DIYs, and discussing school with my teachers

11:30-12:30 – This is when I normally go to Starbucks or to the mall to walk around and grab supplies I might need

12:30-1 – Normally I take this time as lunch time

1-2 – Sometimes there are labs at this time. But, normally I just continue working on what I was before lunch, or I find something else to do.

2-3:30 – The end of the day. Which is always hard to find something to do. Truthfully, I normally don’t do a lot in this time. Sometimes I’ll be making lists or researching random things. At 3:30 the day ends

There is a lot of flexibility. So if I’ve been working on one thing for 2 hours, I can switch it up and work on something completely different. Considering I am almost done all of my classes, I have to get creative on how to entertain myself throughout the day. For other students, they have to work on their courses, but for me its more focused on what I want to do. I’m thankful that I’ll be finished early, because then I’ll be able to volunteer and work. That’s the great thing about my school. I don’t have to be there, I can learn elsewhere.

This is just a quick post on my school. But trust me, its the best school in BC, probably even Canada.