Frog Sensory Bag


First off, what is a sensory bag? a sensory bag is mainly used for children under the age of 2. It is a mess free way to experience different sensory objects. This one is a “frog and water” bag. The “water” is hair gel.

As I was scrolling through Pinterest, I came across sensory bags. I currently babysit two girls under one years old. I thought a sensory bag would be perfect for a baby. Still giving the child a chance to explore, but in a safer way. I found all the materials at the dollar store; duct tape, (knock off) ziplock, toy frogs, and blue shower gel. I was originally looking for hair gel, but they only had clear. I think it still worked out well. I am babysitting a nine month old on Friday, so I will bring it to her and see how she reacts. I’ll keep you updated!


It leaked, all over┬ámy bag. I’ve since put it in a stronger ziplock. It was probably not the best choice to buy 99 cent ziplocks from a dollar store. I’m going to remake it and hopefully It will turn out better then this one!


The bag was well received, a fun experience for the one year old and a easy way for me to get a break. She was very interested for a solid 10 minutes.